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What We Offer?

ITiuvo offers consultancy and technical services with added value to your company. We offer a new reliable way of outsourcing “the IT department”. We will help you make a strategy and architecture of your desired solution. Then we will  plan, design, develop, deliver and implement your needed solution. Our main focus is to improve and innovate customers’ IT and business solutions..

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Our path to solutions


We believe our biggest asset is our team and our efforts are orientated towards keeping the best people in order to give our clients the best solutions, which solves their problem.


Analysing is where the foundations of our work starts. In order to answer questions from clients, we analyse, research and audit the specific problem. Does not matter if it is software, hardware, networking issues. We need to understand it and prepare to find solutions.


Planning the approach and drawing a project based of needed steps in accordance to clients needs and desires is how we make our strategies. This is the most important part of the solution, we have to make sure we understand our customers and their desires.


Finding the solution wouldn't be possible without our team. Analysing clients needs and problems. Planning the specific strategy and finally approach the project. After all these steps are covered we can assure our clients we have found the best solution for them.


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